Christmas update

Happy holiday! With the Christmas spirit in every house and all the hopes set high we wish all your dreams come true!

To the project news.
We have opened the statistics page - some numbers and graphs showing the internal workings of our engine.
If you want to see, step by step, how things are made - there is a new test zone. New cool features will be developed and tested there.


First patches time

We have been busy for the past month fixing popped-up issues and completing the unfinished tasks. With this update we are no longer in beta state.
Improvements include:
- updated, much more stable content delivery core;
- embedding and sharing;
- we caught-up with the current ongoings: starting tomorrow the latest episodes will be available the same day;
- no more embarrassingly empty pages;
- all the contact forms are live - waiting for your feedback and requests. ツ
We have a lot of small updates prepared and ready to roll in a few days so stay tuned!


Big small launch

Good news everyone! After a lot of development we finally launching BtA!
It is still under heavy development and may lack even some basic features and be buggy (hope not ツ) but we will try hard to fix the bugs and overall improve this place.
This is where we need your help:
If you see any bugs, please do not let them just be - report them!
If you want some feature - request it!
We are surely limited in our resources and may not deliver all requests immediately but we will try our best.
You can greatly help up by donating for a specific feature or just for the basic development of this little big project!
Let us make the best online anime archive together!